Friday, 18 October 2013

Rio to Cape Town

We set off from Rio on Leg 3 in warm sunshine and choppy seas. As usual all 12 boats did a parade of sail around the harbour and then crossed the start line. After rounding a couple of buoys placed just off Copacabana and Ipanema beaches we headed out to sea into a strong wind which meant fairly tough sailing. Heeled over at an angle with waves crashing over the decks, which means water down necks, up boots and sleeves.  Despite neoprene seals on all openings in the foul weather gear the sea always finds a way in!

The first few days have been fairly tough with many of the crew afflicted by seasickness and minor injuries from being thrown about below deck. We have rigged up a rope from one side of the galley to the other so that you can pull yourself up to the high side, as walking unaided is simply impossible.

The weather has eased now and the dreaded seasickness has left the boat so life is a lot easier, and as I write we are bowling along at 11 knots in glorious sunshine. Jamaica was the first boat to reach the scoring gate, beating Quingdao by 13 minutes (we like narrow margins) and so have picked up 3 bonus points. As
we are further north than most of the fleet the weather over he next few days will determine whether the tactic has paid off, or whether we are sailing into the middle of the S. Atlantic high pressure system where there is no wind.

We have not seen any wildlife so far on this leg apart from some albatrosses, recognisable not just by their enormous wingspan, but also by the fact they never flap their wings, soaring and gliding effortlessly across the skies - just amazing.

At present this is Friday Day 7 and we reckon another 10 days to Cape Town, cold beers, flushing toilets and showers..... it's the simple things that become so important.

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  1. Hi Craigie
    Just started to follow your blog. Struggled with the link at the beginning.Sounds amazing. Everything you thought it would be and more.Tropical storms, wildlife, flying fish and Team Jamaica storming back into contention. Keep it going. Fantastic what you and the rest of the crew are doing. One thing. Perhaps we can hear more about life below decks. How those Thatcher 4 hour sleeping arrangements are working out; sharing that one loo and how shaving with your bic razor is going. I take it your face is not looking so smooth. Back home main news is Scotland won a competitive football match. Anyway must go. Off to have a warm shower followed by a few beers and a curry.... Stick in. Cape Town approaching. David Gillies