Saturday, 17 August 2013

Gosport Boat Prep

Set off from Edinburgh on Thursday morning getting to Gosport mid afternoon.  No sign of the Jamaica boat but headed off to and empty office which had been commandeered to do the victualling, which involved sorting out all the food for the crew for 29 days plus trip up to London.   A massive logistical challenge which involve planning every meal and then bagging up each days menus in numbered bags plus all the regular items, snacks and hot drinks. Not sure how much coffee is going with us but we do have 2,200 tea bags!  Lots of savoury spicy sauces to keep the food interesting as well as providing a range of meals for all diets.  It has all then to be stowed on the boat but not yet!

The boat arrived from the yard on Friday looking a bit naked and so the last few days have been spent  fitting out and loading up ready for the trip to London and then onwards to Brazil.  Departure from Gosport is scheduled for tomorrow provided we are ready but it has been a massive effort by all the crews so far and the Barinas is an absolute hive of activity.

Once in London we have our reception at the Jamaican High Commission and then on Thursday the official naming of the Jamaica boat and possibly a Jamaican celebrity - he's hoping!

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