Thursday, 1 August 2013

Level 3 Training

Just finished my third week's training with Pete Stirling, our skipper on Team Jamaica, and new crew mates. We set off on Tuesday afternoon and, apart from a brief re-stocking visit to Gosport, spent the week at sea on one of the brand new Clipper 70s. We had everything from baking flat calm conditions ( are we moving?) to Force 7 in the black of night.  The hardest part was definitely getting used to the 4 hours on 4 off regime which is standard for the  race, but also pretty exhausting.

On Friday we had a "Le Mans" race start just outside Portsmouth for the Clipper boats and raced hard for the next 33 hours to a first win for Team Pete. Let's hope that is a sign of things to come.

Next stop is Gosport in mid August to help with the boat prep and then delivery up to London for race start, and no doubt some last minute practice en route.   It is suddenly feeling very real with the excitement, anticipation and some trepidation all building up to race start in 35 days time.

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